Mark and Sharon Pretzer
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Clovis, CA 93619

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Bob Gedert at 25 N Burgan Ave in Clovis

Mark & Sharon are very personal and committed to the best sale. They guided me through a process I was unfamiliar with, and presented the house in a most favorable manner. As my house needed repairs and sprucing up, they offered a checklist for my attention. Once a potential bid was offered, they guided me through the process professionally, all the way through closing. I appreciate the personal and professional touch.


Mark & Christime Brodowski -Seller

My wife and I commend Mark and Sharon for their thoroughness and professionalism. After having our country house for sale for six months in 2011, we were unable to sell. Early in 2012, we began searching for a new agent for another sales attempt. Mark and Sharon have a mailer program that proved very effective. From December until early March, we received mailers approximately once a week stating what they could do for us. At first I was a little irritated by this. As Spring approached, we became serious about marketing our property again. Considering different agents to interview, we decided to include the Pretzers. We thought if they would use the same effort to sell our house as they did themselves, with much enthusiasm, confidence, and professionalism, we could possibly have success selling our home. After meeting them, they were the obvious choice for us. They drove up to our home and we talked for a very long time, discussing marketing, home values, selling options, their experience, etc.

After listing the house for six weeks in Spring of 2012, we had no serious potential buyers. It was clear that we owed more on our home than what the market said it was currently worth. Since Mark and Sharon are very experienced and knowledgeable “short sale specialists” who had discussed that option with us at our first meeting, we decided that was the necessary course we were to take. We began the short sale process with our loan company. What was really helpful was the information Mark shared with us on what to expect from the loan company. Many times, one department does not know what the other is doing. He warned us that we would receive conflicting mail and email messages from the company. Sure enough, things happened exactly as he had warned. But, we were ready to deal with them and in most cases simply ignore them as he did such a great job of being our representative.

Bottom line, our short sale closed recently. There was minimum fuss with the loan company. The sale itself did not cost us a cent though we miss the equity that disappeared because of the economy. The entire process was streamlined by Mark and Sharon. All you must do is provide in a timely fashion the forms and information they request. Mark and Sharon communicate in plain language, foresee and explain potential developments, and always have an answer to navigate the rapidly changing currents of a short sale. We recommend you sign them up as your selling and / or buying agents. You will be glad you did! We are!


Mark and Christine Brodowski

Gary & Marie Dreitzer-Buyer

Hi Mark,

Hope you and Sharon are doing well.  Just wanted to say thank you again for working with us to find just the house we were looking for.  On our visits up to get work done on the place, Gary and I grew very attached to the house and the quiet neighborhood.  We put the shower in the second bath, laminate in the family and patio room, and tile in the kitchen.  We also removed the facade and storage boxes over the natural brick fireplace to expose the brick work which is lovely… painted the front door and changed all the locks.  It’s just perfect!  Also, I’m happy you suggested we keep the furniture pieces that were stacked up against the living room wall.  It turned out to be a retro custom built desk and storage unit that attached with brackets to the moldings on the east facing living room wall!  Very cool!  The boys are all officially moved in and really enjoying the place!!!
Many thanks again!

Marie Dreitzer

Carolyn & Mark McManus, Seller

Mark & Sharon,
You helped us avoid foreclosure by doing a short sale in just this way only a year and a half ago! Since then, we moved back to the bay area, I went back to work this year and we have saved a significant amount of $ for our down payment on our next house, which we’ll be eligible to buy as a 1st time home buyer in about a year and a half. Thank you for making this possible for us! We’ll refer you every chance we get!
Happy holidays,
Carolyn & Mark McManus
John Delaney, Seller of Parents Home in Fresno

Mark & Sharon,

I want to thank you for your help in selling my home in Fresno. In my case I was an absentee seller as I spend my summers in Colorado. You two were very helpful in arranging special services such as getting a new gardener, finding a source to remove old furniture, and arranging for someone to clean the house so that it was ready for sale. Services that I was not able to do as I was away.

Because of your efforts and others the home sold quickly and at the price I wanted. What more could a seller want?

Thanks again and I am sure that your efforts to go above the norm will pay off for future clients that enlist your services.

John Delaney

Chris, Julie & Lila Steinkraus-Buyer, Fresno

This testimonial is for your site. We mean every word…

Mark and Sharon are trustworthy Realtor’s. Not once were we pressured to purchase a home that we were not 100% satisfied with. With a wide variety of homes on the market, we looked at many and not once did we ever get the sense that we were inconveniencing them or wasting their time. They showed up on time, when we requested, with nothing but positive attitude and support. Their motto is “putting our clients first”, which is exactly how we were treated.

Thanks Mark and Sharon, we love our new home.

Chris, Julie and Lila Steinkraus

Ashot & Silva Seferyan-Seller, Fresno

Dear Mark & Sharon,
We would like to thank you for all your hard work and patience.  We are very grateful and look forward to working with you again.

The Seferyan Family

Vang Kou Khang- Fresno Buyer

Dearest Sharon and Mark,
I met both Mark and Sharon Pretzer through a friend in 2008. To my dismay, I actually forgot about them until I accidentally ran into Sharon again as a Realtor. Since working with both of them in 2009 (yes it took 2 years), they never once wavered in their commitment to finding me the perfect home. Sharon worked around the clock and my schedule to show properties in the evenings, weekends and even holidays. Mark always conducted thorough analysis of comparisons to ensure the most competitive advantage in bidding (and of course that I wasn’t paying more than what the property was worth). Within my own family, we have worked with other Realtors but no one has ever measured up to the devotion, compassion and professionalism exhibited by Mark and Sharon Pretzer.

You guys ROCK!

Vang Kou Khang
Big Picture Middle School Teacher/Advisor
Stanford University Class of 2008
Biological Science and Political Science B.A.S.
(559) 348-3576

Jeremy Martin~ Agent with Old Mission Real Estate

Mark & Sharon,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in completing the purchase of the home on Bush Avenue. Yer is ecstatic over the closing of escrow. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I am new to this line of work, and appreciate your professionalism and the general way you go about your job. I learned a lot from this deal. Again, thank you for your assistance, and especially for your patience with me.
Enjoy your holidays,
Jeremy Martin
Old Mission Real Estate

Todd, Erna, Dave and Mary Maroot~Seller

Mark and Sharon,
Thank you for making a typically very challenging process (selling our Mother’s home) in what was for our family some very challenging times, a smooth, quick and nearly painless transaction. As we do not reside in the Fresno area, I was expecting everything to be much more of a hassle than it ended up being, thanks to your experience handling out-of-town clients. Again, we’re all very pleased with the final outcome, and the sale amount in these trying times still came in right where you predicted. No surprises, which also made this a grief free process.
We wish you both all the best,
Todd, Erna, Dave and Mary

James Chinn, Fresno~Seller

Hi Sharon and Mark

Thank you so much for all the help in selling our house. It is much appreciated.

Take care and hopefully, we will see you soon.

Again, our best wishes and have a great holiday season. If I ever have anyone that needs your assistance in Fresno I will certainly give you a call.

James Chinn

Suzanne Snowden, Fresno~Buyer

My experience with Mark and Sharon was a very good and positive one.
They reassured me all along the way and had my best interest in mind
always. I was amazed at the kindness shown to me and at the end of it
all I got the house I wanted. They truly had my dream of home ownership
as their #1 priority.

Thanks Mark and Sharon for being there, you are the best!

Don and Carolyn Palermo, Fresno~Buyers

We love you and Mark and highly recommend you both, your the best!!!

Karine Petrosova, Emma & Sergey Shaljyans, Fresno~Buyers

We are so extremely grateful for all that you have done for us. We want to thank you for working with us for almost 6 months and for not giving up on finding the perfect house for us. Thanks you for being available at any time we asked you to meet and thank you for being so patient with such a long search that we had together. Once again, we want to thank you for helping us to find this wonderful house that we can live in now, and for your hard work, patience, kindness and the warm atmosphere you created on our every meeting.

It was a great pleasure working with you.

Viviene Edwards, Fresno~Buyer

It was an absolute pleasure, working with Mark and Sharon, during my house buying process.They were professional, timely, and certainly knew how to get the job done properly.Sharon was always willing and ready whenever I called , to show me as many house I requested to see , and I did not feel like I had been hurried.. They both have facilitated my needs way beyond their normal hours of operation. That in itself , speaks of their dedication in doing what they do. I will certainly refer and recommend everyone I know , to the Pretzer Team. . Very good job done , keep up the good work.

I had a very positive home buying experience, Thank You.


Fred & Denise Cooper, Fresno~Seller~Short Sale

We are an honest, hardworking couple who suddenly found ourselves in the grips of the housing fallout similar to so many others like us.  We were frightened and unsure of what steps we should take to keep from losing everything it took years to gain.

Many phone calls and inquires were made, but we never got a straight answer, much less offer of assistance.  That is, until we were introduced to Mark and Sharon Pretzer.

Mark and Sharon met with us on the spur of the moment, listened intently to our concerns and answered our questions to satisfaction.  They told us how everything would proceed and that they would keep us up to date with new information.  We felt secure that we were with the right people to help us through this difficult time.

Mark came out and took photos of the house immediately and it was on the market before we knew it.  They showed our home within days and an offer was put on it nearly as fast.

As the escrow went through the Short Sale process, Mark and Sharon kept in constant contact with us and we were always informed of the current status of the sale.

They took care of everything!!

We would highly recommend Mark and Sharon for any of your real estate needs.

Sincerely yours,

Cindy Angiono, Clovis~Seller~Short Sale

Mark & Sharon,

I just wanted to add to what I am sure are all wonderful testimonials about how my home sale went.
When I first started with the process to sell my house, it wasn’t under the happiest of circumstances.  The sad fact was I couldn’t afford the payments and had to sell the house.  And, since the market had fallen so quickly, I knew that it was either sell it for less than I owed or let the bank take it back – neither of which was any kind of situation I had any experience with.
I was referred to Mark and Sharon because of their experience with short sales.  When I went in and met with them, I felt an immense sense of relief -they gave me direction and advice about what I needed to take care of and how to notify my mortgage company.  They took care of everything for me.  And, even though it seemed like it took forever, the outcome was far better than I had hoped.  The house sold, the bank approved the sale, and then, it was over..During the entire time, I never felt judged for my financial situation and they were always upbeat, reassuring and understanding throughout the process.
If I ever have the occasion to refer anyone to any realtor, it would be Mark and Sharon Pretzer.  Their knowledge and experience smooth out all the rough spots during the entire home selling/buying experience.
Thank you both so very, very much!

Sharon Killian, Fresno~Buyer

Well Sharon and Mark,

It seems like it’s been a long journey! At 52 years old, one day I said to myself, “You’re not getting any younger and if you are going to buy a house, now’s a really great time to buy!” Prices were at a record low and I thought it going to so easy to get my house.

7 months later and lots of frustration and sometime tears, we are now the proud owners of our own home.

Never would I have thought of all the miles and hours you “Sharon” put in to get us to where we are today. There may have been many times we were driving you crazy but you never let it show. To say we looked at over 100 houses is no exaggeration and there were times I gave up. Then a few weeks would go by and we would be at it again and Sharon and Mark you were with us all the way. Mark, you would always calm me down when I’d get hyper or impatient.

My daughter and I’d like to say we think you both are the GREATEST!

You both are wonderful people as well as agents and we want to say a big

Thank you for all you’ve done!


Sharon Killian

Tou & Ger, Fresno~ Seller~ Short Sale

Tou & I would like to thank you and your wife for helping us sell our home through short sale.  The process went very quick and smoothly.  We have not worked with many agents in the past, but it was a good thing we had your team working for us.  The difference between you and all the other agents, is that you take the extra time to work harder for you client.

Thank you for your time and effort and I hope we can help each other out in the future to come.  You are the type of Agents I would recommend for my friends and relatives.

Once again, Thank You,

John, Pinky & Kevin, Fresno~ Seller

To Mark and Sharon Pretzer,

We would like to thank you both for the quick and timely sale of our house.  We didn’t think that it was possible to sell the house so quick in this market, but yourexperience and determination proved us wrong.  The transaction was so smooth and efficient, it feels like it never happened.  Your team is the living proof of professionals at their best.

Once again, we thank you for your advice, openness and friendship throughout the whole process.

Your Friends forever…

Betty & Jacob, Fresno~Buyer (Short Sale)

Sharon & Mark,

I have been thinking of you and thought I would e-mail you…

I just want to Thank you for all your hard work on helping us find the right house and sticking with us till the end…You guys are truly the BEST.

Sharon (New Buyer) said she is working with you…  I am glad that we could refer someone to you… We told her she couldn’t go wrong with you guys…

Again, Thank you and May God continue to Bless you…

Bill & Nancy Simon, Fresno~Seller

Mark and Sharon,

Thanks for your professional, friendly, and very competent efforts in selling our house. After a frustrating 6 month experience with our previous realtor, you have been a breath of competent, fresh air. And you got very quick results! My neighbor kept saying more people looked at the house in a week with you than in the previous 6 months.

You gave good, professional advice that proved to be accurate without demanding agreement. You kept us informed of what was happening, knew exactly what to do and crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. When you showed the house to a prospective buyer a few months ago and Sharon took so many notes, I knew you were the kind of detailed agents Nancy and I needed.

We probably don’t know the half of what you did. For example, I wasn’t real sure how you were going to find prospective buyers, but I was so busy letting people in the door I didn’t have much time to wonder about that. And I appreciated the fact that you were so reassuring when we were often nervous due to our previous experience. And whether through phone calls or emails you were always quickly responsive.

Again, thanks to you both.

Jusin & Victoria P., Fresno~Seller~Short sale

Dear Mark & Sharon Pretzer,

Guarantee Real Estate

I wanted to personally take a moment and express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful and professional job that the both of you have provided my wife and I during the sale of our home.  The Pretzer Team was honest, and showed unwavering integrity throughout the entire process, while creating a solid bond of trust.  We feel that you maximized our profit and sold our home in the fastest amount of time possible.  Your team always answered our questions in great detain no matter how mundane in a professionally and timely matter.  I truly feel you pulled off a miracle in this market.  It is with great pleasure that I will refer your servicesto anybody and everybody we come into contact with.  You truly define what it means to be a trusted Real Estate Advisor.

Warmest Regards,

Rachel Madrid, Fresno~Seller & Buyer

Mark & Sharon, Thank you for all your help in Selling my home and finding a my new home, that you knew I would be completely satisfied with!  Thanks for always keeping my best interest in mind.  I know not all those I encounter always do.

Thank you again,

Charlene Reddell, Fresno~Seller

Even though I had a very small property to sell, Mark & Sharon served me as if I were selling a multimillion dollar mansion.

Thank you Pretzer Team,

Patty, Clovis ~ Seller~Short Sale

Dear Mark & Sharon,

I want to Thank the both of you so very much for the way that you handled my Real Estate transaction.

You took all the worry and stress from me.

You are both professional & friendly.


Tom & Mija Landers, Clovis~Buyer

Home Buyers & Sellers,

Looking for a new home or wanting to sell an existing home?

Mark & Sharon Pretzer can help you.  We were looking for a new home and we called Mark & Sharon.  Within two days we found our new home.  Mark & Sharonknew what we were looking for in a home and only showed us the properties that would fit our needs, no running around looking at properties that did not fit what we wanted.  All transactions were handled in a professional manner.  Give Mark & Sharon a call, they can handle all your Real Estate needs.

Kathy, Fresno ~ Seller~Short sale

Dear Mark and Sharon,

Yeah!!! We are finally at the finish line. I really appreciate all of the hard work and determination to get this deal to the point of closing escrow. I have never been through this type of sale (“Short Sale”)and would have been lost without your assistance.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Mark and Sharon Team. I believe that you treated this situation confidentially and with as much tact as possible given my uncomfortable/stressful situation, sharing this type of personal information is very difficult for me, however you both were incredibly understanding through this whole event.

Thanks again for assisting me to accomplish what I thought would be impossible.

I wish you much success in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. and Mrs. Pasquale G. Catanzarite, Clovis~Seller

I am writing to formally thank you for your professional and honest service in selling our home on Carolina Avenue.When we first decided to sell our home, we were really concerned about people walking through our house and having something stolen. We had never sold a home or done an open house and we didn’t know what to expect. When you came to meet with us and assured us that you would take extra precautions, we were truly thankful. We especially appreciated your wife, Sharon, who came with you (on her own time, I might add) and acted as a guard and a guide while you showed our house. Her amiable conversation and enthusiasm made my day! It was reassuring to have you both in our home and we are very grateful for your direct, guiding hand that helped us every step of the way, and the time you took to explain all of our many questions.

You brought in many interested buyers and our house sold in less than three weeks with three different offers coming in—that is amazing. Your professional attitude, personal treatment, real estate expertise, internet advertising and nurturing you gave me helped in our transitioning from one house to another. It was hard to leave our old home for the new home adventure awaiting us—but you made the passage convenient and understandable.

Just as an aside, the buyer of our house told me that Sharon helped convince her that my home was just the perfect home for her! Not only was Sharon protecting my home from theft, but she also contributed to its successful sale!

We will highly recommend your real estate services to all our friends and will definitely seek you out again if we have further need of professional and personable real estate agents.

Carolyn Childers, Clovis~Seller

A thousand Thank you’s can’t express my gratitude in your expertise professionalism in selling my home. Your experience in the real estate definitely shined thru.

It was a great relief when you met with the inspectors and repair people. With my working a 12 hour Night schedule, I did not have to interrupt my sleep pattern to take care of these matters. Multitude of gratitude for presenting me with figures and facts regarding the pricing of my home. Your insight presented me with an extra $15,000 my previous agent failed to bring forth to me. This extra money will greatly help in buying my next home in Washington.

Keeping me up-to-date on the progression of the escrow relieved any anxiety I might have had. It was a wonderful experience to have my 30 day escrow close in 25 days! With both of you keeping on top of matters, there were no last minute problems.

Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Good luck to you both in the future.

Jeff Lokey, Summit Investments, Clovis~Buyer & Seller

Over the past two years Mark Pretzer has handled numerous Real Estate transactions for our company. He completes the transactions in an efficient and timely mannerand does an excellent job communicating throughout the whole purchase and sale process.
Mark is able to answer questions in a confident and timely manner. He follows through and attempts to find the “Right Deal” to fit our exact wants and needs in this fast paced market.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to fellow business associates as well as friends and family members. I am confident that he is able to handle and complete all of your Real Estate needs.

Barry and Lisa Pearlstein, Clovis~Seller (2 Homes)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your valued service in selling our home. The transaction was handled professionally from start to finish. I really appreciate the fact that you stayed in touch with us every step of the way. We were well informed and you walked us through the maze of paperwork without any problems.

We were extremely happy with your service all the way. Mark, you and Sharon made us feel as though you genuinely cared about our feelings and needs throughout the transaction. The most important thing is you helped us get the price for our home we were looking for. We never had the feeling that anything could go wrong with you guys in charge of selling our most valuable asset, our home!

Mark & Sharon, I will definitely recommend you to our friends and family because you have proven to us that you are truly a professional with a great work ethic in the real estate field.

Skip and Rhonda Dieter, Clovis~Seller

Rhonda and I would like to express our gratitude for your efforts in the sale of our rental property.

Your market analysis and expertise of the real estate market assisted us in determining the asking price for our rental property. We attribute the quick sale to that proper market analysis.

Knowing that I tend to over analyze everything you had your work cut out for you, but you provided me with all of the necessary information in a timely manner and made sure that we understood everything you had provided us. Your responsiveness to all our questions and your commitment to detail was greatly appreciated.

Not only did you keep us informed of all showings that occurred at the property, but you followed up with the agents after they showed the home and provided us with the comments of the agent and their clients.

Your assistance with the scheduling of the termite and home inspections and coordination of all parties involved while I was out of town was greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to use us for a reference and we would be more than happy to talk with any potential clients to convey our sediments. We will be sure to recommend your services to our family and friends and will utilize your services in the upcoming months on our next real estate transactions.

Thanks again for making the sale of our home a positive experience.

Kathy Kelty, Clovis~Buyer

Thank you for making my Clovis home purchase such an enjoyable experience.

You were there within half an hour after I first saw your name on a sign in front of a home I was interested in seeing and giving you a call. After touring the house and deciding that was not the home I wanted to purchase, you put considerable effort into finding the right place for me, e-mailing numerous listings for me to look at and spending countless hours driving me around until I found “my house,” always cheerful in spite of my countless no’s.

After making an offer, the sale was completed and escrow closed quickly, with no snags along the way and all paperwork in order the first time around.

It was a pleasure working with such a thorough and professional agent – to say nothing of the fact you’re a nice guy to boot! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is in need of an agent. I’m sure their experience would be as satisfying as mine.

Michael and Misty Morales, Sanger~Buyer

Michael and I would just like to show our gratitude with this gift, for helping to make all our dreams come true and for being such a nice couple and an excellentbusiness man with a great deal of dedication and it shows well. In the future we will always recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. I hope you and your wife Sharon enjoy this gift together and may god bless you and your family.

Jack & Joy Clark, Fresno~Seller

The reason for this letter is to tell you how pleased I am with your professionalism as my real estate agent. With each step of the sale of my dad’s house you kept meinformed and up to date with what was happening. I appreciate your efforts by keeping me informed with phone calls, trips to my workplace and home. You were very clear and concise in your communication with me and I always felt comfortable working with you.

I was so pleased with the great way you handled the sale of my dad’s house and the selling price received for his house. You listed his house at $110,000 and in 7 days the offers that came in were all above the $110,000 asking price. Mark you advised me to take the offer that was made for $135,000, with a 30 day escrow. I was very happywith the offer and I took it.

Mark, I have told many friends how smooth the sales transaction on my dad’s home went and I have recommend you as a professional, honest, caring, real estate agent.

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you, I wish you the best in your career.

Troy & Alicia Christopher, Fresno~Buyer

When we started looking for our house, I was 4 months pregnant with our first child. It was a very scary time for me because it was the first time that I had even thought about buying a house. It was going to be the largest purchase of our lives. At the time that we contacted Mark, we had already talked to 3 other Realtors who did not have the professionalism that Mark had.

We told Mark all of the things that we wanted in a house and gave him all of our qualifications. We could not afford the biggest house in town, but we were able to at least get a small house. With my husband and I both working nights, Mark was very conscious about the time of day he would call and set up appointments. My husband and I were kind of picky, but Mark never complained or gave us any less attention. Due to my pregnancy, and the fact that my father was very ill with cancer, I wanted to put off buying a house until things settled down a little, but my husband would not let me. I didn’t know anything about buying a house, and Mark made it so easy by answering all of our questions any time that we called. He always called us back right away if we had questions or if we needed anything. When we finally found a house that we liked, Mark was very quick in doing all of the paperwork and get things all in order. We had all of the necessary inspections and walkthroughs that we needed in a reasonable amount of time in order to make our 30 day escrow. Three (3) days after our escrow closed, my father passed away from his illness. When Mark found that out, he sent a card to us with his sympathy. His part of the process was done, and he didn’t have to even contact us again, but he did. He kept in touch after that to make sure that everything was going well, at least with the house. I felt that Mark really cared about my husband and I as people and not just as a customer. He made me feel very at ease with all of the paperwork and things that needed to be done when buying a house. I have recommended Mark to anyone that I know who is looking for a house. Mark is a very good people person and if his wife, Sharon, is anything like him, I know she will be very successful in the real estate business.

Pat & Debbie Barklow, Clovis~Buyer

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for all that you have done for both Debbie and myself during our search for a new home. As you well know, we looked at so many homes, they all started to look exactly the same. But, because of your caring and professional attitude, we were able to find what we believe to be the right home for us.
Not having gone through this process before, we felt very comfortable with you as our representative. We put our trust in you, and you did a great job for us. We felt informed during the entire process and when we had a question, you got an answer for us. One of the things that both Debbie and I appreciated most about your service was that you kept our wants and desires in mind at all times. This made the experience less stressful than we anticipated.
Thank you for all that you have done for us. We have even recommended you to our friends and will continue to do so.

Jeff Roberts, Fresno~Seller

Mark & Sharon Pretzer are the best Realtor Agents ever. The transaction was a wonderful experience at a time in my life when I needed so much help. It was the sale of my mother’s home.

They were so instrumental in every detail. Their hands on method was comforting to say the least. They answered all of my questions this gave me more understandingabout each step of the sale. They helped with the work that was needed on the house, such as being there to open the house up for the electrician & cleaning crew, when I could not be there. They were so helpful and very caring. Things were handled in timely manner; they walked me through every step in dealing with my mothers Estate, they were a life saver.

I have all the confidence in the world with the Pretzer Team. I have and always will continue to refer clients to them.

Thank you for the Great Service and help you’re not only a great Real Estate Agent but also a wonderful human being.

Manuel Garcia, Fresno~Seller

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Mark and Sharon Pretzer.  Based upon personal experience, I can highly recommend Mark and Sharon to any home seller or buyer who would like their transaction handled with the utmost care, honesty, and integrity.  Mark and Sharon handled my real estate transaction smoothly, efficiently, and in a timely manner.  Their professionalism and dedication reduced the stress normally associated with real estate transactions.  I will  always use Mark and Sharon Pretzer for my real estate needs, and I suggest that you do the same.

Josh & Roxanne Rogers, Clovis~Seller & Buyer

We would like to take this opportunity to talk about the service we received from Mark and Sharon Pretzer during the sale of our home and purchase of a new home.  We enjoyed very much our working relationship with the Pretzers, and the professional service that they provided.  We were able to sell our house very quickly in a challenging market, and that’s a testimony to their experience and knowledge.  Additionally, trying to purchase a real-estate-owned property (lender owned) proved to be a very difficult experience, with a lot of uncertainty and worry (none of which was the fault of Mark and Sharon).  While having to communicate with a multitude of different parties on the seller’s side, the Pretzers kept us informed and up to date as best they could on a daily basis.  We know that the process would have taken quite a bit longer had it not been for Mark and Sharon’s hard work and diligence.

All in all, we feel that we couldn’t have done it without them and would highly recommend them to anyone planning to buy or sell a home.  It was a pleasure working with the Pretzers.

Jared & Stacy Harder, Squaw Valley~Buyer

Mark & Sharon Pretzer have been wonderful real estate agents.  They have personally taken their time to meet our needs as homebuyers.  They took time out of their busy days to meet with us at all hours that were convenient to us as future homebuyers.

My husband and I would recommend Mark and Sharon Pretzer as agents to anyone interested in buying a home.

There were no hidden fees, and everything was laid out on the table so that we could visually see what was going on.  They are honest and good natured individuals.

They take their time with you and answer any and all questions that new and experienced homebuyers need to know.  They are very professional as well and personal and friendly.  Putting professional and personal together makes a dynamic team.

Scott & Cindy, Madera~Seller

Mark & Sharon did an excellent Job in helping sell our home.  They were professional and courteous.  I especially appreciated how they promptly returned our calls and kept us up dated, through phone messages and e-mail.  They are easy to talk to, positive and upbeat.

Tracy our escrow representative said, she works with a lot of realtors and Mark was one of the best to work with.  She would use him herself.

If this is the type of service you want, we feel you would be pleased with Mark & Sharon.

Thank you for a Great Job.